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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

The hair Business industry is an ever growing industry. Estimated to be at a growth of 19 percent from 2020 to 2030. amongst African American it is a 1.5 billion dollar business today just in that Black hair beauty space. Now just imagine the opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

What is an entrepreneur? Well it’s a person like, madam CJ walker who completely revolutionized the hair , beauty industry. & was 1 st black millionaire. A person like Lisa Price , founder of Carol's Daughter, one of the first African American-owned product lines with a flagship store. A person like you & me. A person that steps out on a leap of faith, practice & takes the chance on the American dream.

My name is Benkela Bois and I am an entrepreneur. I’m a black woman, entrepreneur and

The creator behind the starter up business The Island Girl Collection. For me hair care & looking good full of confidence is not just about the money, it’s a bit more personal than that. Empowerment is the word that comes to mind as I share my journey, background & invite you to support a new thriving business. The island Girl collection has been in operation for 3 years.

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